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Wireless Miracast Dongle

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 Conference tablet wireless projection parameters


1. Mobile phones and computers support hybrid wireless projection display, and up to four images can be displayed on the same screen.

2. The wireless screen projection interface has a moderator mode, which can control the following content through floating icons:

a ) Can control the computer to exit and cast the screen;

b ) Can control the mobile phone to exit the screen;

c ) When there are multiple screens, any screen can be controlled to be displayed alone in full screen;

d ) When there are multiple screens, you can control any screen to output sound.

e ) Display the number, type and name of all connected terminals. 

4. Multi-screen projection sound, support multiple control modes.

a ) You can click the floating icon to select any sound.

b ) You can double-click any screen to make a sound.

c ) Computer screen projection, you can control whether to transmit sound on the computer.

3. Support both horizontal and vertical display modes. The display mode follows the system to automatically switch.

4. Supports three screen projection access methods: hotspot, wired and wireless network cards, and these three methods of screen projection can be used in any way.

to be combined into multiple screens.

5. Support touch reverse control, you can control the computer wirelessly, 1-4 screen modes all support touch reverse control


6. Support screen projection function.

7. When supporting office and WPS PPT full screen projection, 3 anti-control icons are produced in the lower right corner, which are exit full screen, previous page and next page respectively, so as to facilitate the user's anti-control operation.

8. The mobile phone screen projection software supports the connection of large-screen hotspots by quickly scanning the code, without the need to manually connect to the hotspots.

Screencasting is more convenient and faster.

9. Support multi-screen simultaneous display.

10. There are three ways to realize computer screen projection: USB interface transmitter, HDMI interface transmitter, Windows

Software projection.


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